Star Route Farm NY

Originally a dairy farm and then a horse farm for the last 150 years, our 70 + acres of farm land is nestled into a small one road valley in the Northern Catskill region of New York state.   In the last few years, we have been transitioning the farm into a diversified organic farm.  

We pay great attention to practicing sustainable farming methods and benefit from rich farm land with decades of naturally fertilized soil and fresh water sources. We use no synthetic or artificial fertilizers or pesticides. All of our produce is grown in soil fertilized with aged compost and green manure crops on permanent beds. This means that tilling is done only once to establish the beds and then never again, protecting the soil from erosion and evaporation of vital nutrients. The beds are covered at all times with either green manure crops or mulch, allowing healthy microbial life to establish itself and flourish, insuring better nutrient uptake for healthy disease and pest resistant plants. Almost all of our plants are started by seed on the farm, either in the field or greenhouse. Whenever possible we use only organic seed from plants bred to respond to an organic environment and never knowingly use genetically modified seed.

Healthy plants make for a healthy environment and food high in nutritional value. With these production practices we strive to give our customers the best food possible and to replenish the land for future generations.


789 county Highway 40, Charlotteville, NY, 12036, United States
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